Monday, 14 November 2011

Displaying CRM emails using SSRS 2008. PlaceHolder and its deficiency.

Place a textbox control on report and within it place the PlaceHolder by right clicking inside textbox and choose PlaceHolder.

Set the properties of the 'PlaceHolder', change Markup type to HTML.

Extract description(body) of email by query eg. Select description from filteredemail where activityid='A0773451-3DE3-DF11-9EAB-0003FFD4167C'

Set the expression value of the placeholder to description, from dataset fields.( For e.g. Fields!description.Value).

Review the report to see the following result.


Another deficient of the placeholder
Also the placeholder can interpret html before rendering, you can not do anything with the text after interpreting. For example, placeholder can render an html email correctly but you can not trim down the already interpreted email content to 80 characters.

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