Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Copying files is extremely slow to a vmware vm

Solution 1:

After installing windows 7 64bit on my computer as the host operating system, copying files from the host windows to my linux virtual machine was painfully slow. After some research I found the fix to be :
Going to the control panel -> network and internet-> network connections-> right click on your physical interface -> click on configure-> click on the advanced tab.

In here make sure ipv4 checksum offloader, large send offload v2 ipv4, large send offload v2 ipv6 are disabled.

Solution 2:

You must disable the TCP Offload Engine features in the driver on the host.

To disable the TCP Offload Engine features:
Go to Start > Run.
Type regedit and press Enter.
Browse to:


Create a key named DisableTaskOffload, of type DWORD.
Set the value of the key to 1 .
Close the Registry Editor and restart the computer.


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