Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crm 4 Email configuration. Email router configuration

Email router is an interface between a email platform, e.g. Exchange, and the Crm.

E-mail Router can check directly on the user accounts/email boxes. However the down side of that is you will have save user name is password in Crm Personal Options. Once the password of a user changed in AD, the new password need to be updated in Crm too. If you have lots lots of user, it can become unmanageable.

Therefore the "Forward Mailbox" incoming delivery method is used to overcome the issue. "Forward Mailbox" is just another AD user/account/Exchange mail box.

Create the Forward Mailbox/User. Once you created an AD user, and exchange email box will be setup automatically. So User =[1 to 1 relationship]= User’s mail box

Setup forwarding rules using Rule Deployment Wizard.

Configure email router screen
Configuration Profiles: Define where the Exchange server is.
Deployment: Defines where the Crm server is.
Users, Queues, and Forward Mailboxes: Defines Forward Mailbox account/email account.

Just as a side note. "Set Personal Opitons | E-mail" AND "User | [E-mail Access Configuration] section go hand by hand.


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